For School

Enhance Entire School for Better Interoperation for Educational Ecosystem

A good collaboration with parent has never been easier for teachers. With instant adoption of mana for your school, our mana platform is ready to assist classrooms and help create strong interoperative solution with your parent community.

Make schooling better with mana

We are ready for individual teacher adopted ‘mana’ for his / her classroom. Currently the mana is with his ‘MVF - Minimal Viable Features’ and is going to serve a organizational-scale multiple classrooms with billing system in his commercial release in the third quarter of 2022.

As individual classroom and its teachers can have mana to become part of classroom without any charges start from TODAY! Do not hesitate to tell your teacher to Add mana to their LINE friend list and invite mana to their LINE classroom immediately. We are always happy to hold the virtual training session for all of your teachers to know more about mana and start using him to uplift your classroom efficiency by adding LINE : and send us a words which we will respond to your school promptly.