Teachers and Parents Collaborative Solutions

The Mana project ("Mana") began in 2020, emerged from parental and educational visionary platform ‘SCHOOL SOLUTIONS PROJECT', developed by a company, POSSABILITY COMPANY LIMITED. We are an innovative team composed of young generation people dedicated to build solutions based on humanized innovation to enhance people's every life.

Mana vision

We believe that, “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents”, which parents, teachers, families, schools, and society - altogether as a whole ecosystem - must be constructively and seamlessly collaborate, while minimizing burden for all parties.

Mana mission

Mana is designed as a magical tools in the most common channels that teachers and parents communicate - LINE Application - and enhance the collaboration while immersing Mana itself in the place that teachers and parents already there. The various Mana features will then work together with teachers, parents, and students to achieve a smooth and superb teamwork to grow up our children.

We can consider Mana as supporting teacher - if you are teacher, teaching assistant - if you are parent, or class secretary - if you are student, and Mana will always be there to help and make all of us to offset the messy homework, schedule, and activities in our classroom. Mana stands by teachers, parents, and students to re-define classroom by providing a foundation building block for future of parental and educational paradigm.

Mana identity

As we all believe in Mana's missions, we have well-integrated and developed Mana designs and identities with its core values. Mana name, concept, and its logo are reflecting its essential belief.


Every parts of Mana are developed with human centricity in mind, and we are introducing the most friendly assistant for all users, arrives our Mana logo and mascot that illustrates a childish yet fondling smiling face. Emphasizing that Mana is an artificial friend designated to become collaborative robot "COBOT" for its surroundings.

The terminology 'Mana' itself has direct meaning of 'perseverance' in Thai which describes its 'Always Be There' nature, while its indirect meaning is 'come on', that aims to invite and persuade all community members to participate and enjoy activities together.


While has its own nuance in Thai language, 'Mana' also has its root from 'Manage'. Its Managerial ability derived from creating good communication among people, as the most powerful but natural ways of Management is to make smooth and healthy collaboration.

Geometric designs of 'm' and 'n' means harmonizing of people, while 'a' and 'a' are each circle of community i.e. classrooms and schools, while Mana with its 'a' align vertically interpreting the interconnecting of multiple circles and their members, establishes an ecosystem of parent, school, and society.


Lastly, the iconic smiling 'u' was designed to symbolize happiness of all parties in our ecosystem, as our ultimate long-term goal of seeing big smiles on faces of parents, teachers, and the most important, our rising-to-the-future students.

Mana founding story

mana project was founded to solve the pain points and serve the values to people who is nurturing small children, to make life easier for rookie parents, to enhance proficiency for teachers, to improve cooperation among school and housing, and to bring people together creating good parental ecosystem.

The first prototype before emerged to be mana was a LIFF-based platform designed to check-in and check-out kids commuting to and from school under branded 'SCHO_OL', the prototype was proved to be viable and it won the second place in LINE HACK 2020.

We then conducted an intensive deep listening and UX researches to explore more pains, gains, and job-to-be-done of our community. The outcome from those researches led us to re-design from the foundation to build a platform that harmonizing communications among parent users and teacher users to create sustainable collaboration with its new identity under the name 'mana'.