Personal Data Privacy Pocilies

We protect users’ privacy as our top priority, below is our Data Privacy Policies

Possibility Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) recognizes the importance of personal data protection. As the protection of personal data is part of our social responsibility and is the foundation for building a trusting business relationship with all users, the Company is committed to complying with personal data protection laws and other relevant official rules.

This Personal Data Protection Policy has been developed to provide appropriate methods for handling personal data. and have appropriate security measures to protect the personal information of the customers that the Company collects, uses and discloses personal information in accordance with the law on personal information protection, other relevant laws, and official rules.

  1. Definition
    • Company means Possibility Company Limited.
    • Project refers to the School Solutions project.
    • Nong Mana means the services provided by the School Solutions Project and Possibility Company Limited, which are the primary services under this Privacy Policy.
    • Information means personal information. Non-Personal Information, System Information, Location Data, Cookies
    • Personal data means information about an individual that enables the identification of that individual, directly or indirectly, but does not include information of the deceased in particular. according to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 and that will be amended and other relevant laws
    • Sensitive Personal Data means personal information about race, ethnicity, political opinions. cult religion or philosophy sexual behavior Criminal records, health information, disability, trade union information genetic information Biometrics or any other information which affects the subject of personal data in a similar manner as prescribed by the Commission.
    • Biometrics means personal data generated through the use of techniques or technologies related to the application of a person's physical or behavioral characteristics to enable the identification of that individual as opposed to another person, such as simulated data. face picture iris simulation data or fingerprint data
    • Public information means personal information that the Personal Data Subject makes public, such as social media profile information. When using social media credentials and social media credentials and other online platform forms To connect to or access any of the Company's services, such as social media account IDs, interests, likes, and friend lists of the Personal Data Subject. This privacy is collected through the social media account settings provided by the social media provider.
    • Personal Data Controller means the person having the authority to make decisions about the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Data.
    • Personal Data Processor means a person who processes personal data in connection with the collection, use or disclosure of personal data on the order or on behalf of the Personal Data Controller. Data Processing means any processing performed on personal data or personal data sets. Either by automatic methods or not, such as archiving, recording, organizing, structuring Change or modify, accept, consider, use, disclose by forwarding, publishing, or any other act resulting in the availability, use, placement or combination, limitation, deletion or destruction.
    • Application refers to a program or set of instructions used to control the operation of a mobile computer and its peripherals in order to perform an instruction. and meet the needs of users by application (Application) must have something called User Interface (User Interface or UI) to act as an intermediary for various applications
    • IP Address is a numeric symbol assigned to each device, such as a computer or printer, participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.
    • Cookies are small pieces of information on the Company's website. Sent to a computer or electronic device connected to the Internet. to collect personal information A cookie is returned to the original website each time you return to that website.
    • Log refers to data generated from the use of the application. This includes the origin, origin, destination, route, time, date, volume, duration, type of service, or otherwise in connection with the use of the Application.
    • Non-personally identifiable information means information that has been processed through anonymity.
    • Office means the Office of the Personal Data Protection Commission.
  2. Method of obtaining information
    The Company collects and collects personal information through the following processes.
    • From users directly, such as registering to use Nong Mana service Mana's use or student information received from parents or a parental authority under the legally requesting consent
    • From third parties such as educational institutions that users are affiliated with, such as public schools. Private schools or related government agencies
    • From other sources such as personal data obtained from public records and non-public records that the Company is legally entitled to collect.
  3. Purposes for collecting, using and disclosing personal data
    The Company has the objectives for collecting, using or disclosing personal information as follows:
    • For service Improving the Company's products and services including other services or products to have in the future as well as taking care maintenance and operation related to the provision of such services
    • To confirm and/or identify the owner of the personal data in accessing the service through various channels or contacting the company.
    • For communicating, notifying and/or receiving information, news from the Company or any changes that occur by the Company.
    • For the operation of the wishes of the owner of the personal data that has been notified to the company.
    • For the Company's business operations such as data analysis, auditing, new product development. Improving or changing the service Service usage analysis Survey of promotional activities Consideration of the Company's operations and business expansion
    • For legitimate interests such as risk management. system and network security, etc.
  4. Personal data collected
    • Information about a person such as name-surname, age, date of birth, gender, marital status, national identification number, passport number or other government-issued identification information, postal address, place of work, telephone number. , email, line id, IP address, cookies
    • Usage activity information such as visit history. usage behavior
    • Sensitive Data such as health information.
  5. Period for collecting personal information

    The Company will store personal data for as long as necessary. Taking into account the purpose and necessity for the company to collect and process This includes complying with the requirements of the applicable laws in this regard, according to Nong Mana's service policy. The company will delete personal data when the user decides to stop using Nong Mana service or when the user has no movement or does not use Nong Mana service for a period of 3 consecutive months or when the user requests to Let the company delete personal information that the company has collected via channels 1. LINE ID : or 2. EMAIL :

    In order to maintain security in proper processing of personal data, this means that confidentiality is maintained. (confidentiality), accuracy, completeness (integrity) and make the information available in a ready-to-use manner. (availability) and to prevent the infringement of personal information, the company has established policies, rules and criteria for personal information protection, such as security standards of information technology systems and the announcement of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society regarding the Security Standards of Personal Data B.E. 2020 (announced on July 17, 2020) and measures to prevent recipients from leaving the company. Use or disclose information off-purpose or without authority or without a right, and the Company periodically revises such policies, rules and regulations as necessary and appropriate.

    In addition, the company also requires employees, personnel, agents and recipients of information from the company. Have a duty to keep your personal information confidential and secure according to the measures set by the company. When any action is required with your personal data

  6. Disclosure and transfer of personal data
    The Company will disclose personal information to third parties and/or organizations or external entities only in the following cases:
    • Educational institutions to which the user is involved, such as public schools. private school for educational purposes
    • Partner companies for marketing purposes and product presentations.
    • Government agencies, governments or other legal entities. In order to comply with the law, order, request, to coordinate with various departments on matters related to compliance with the law.

    Transferring, transferring and/or sending personal data abroad In the event that the company transfers, transfers and/or sends information to foreign countries The company will set the standard for entering into agreements and/or contracts with business entities. The organization to which the personal data will be obtained have accepted standards for personal data protection and in accordance with the relevant laws to ensure that personal information will be protected safely such as
    • Computing in the cloud (Cloud), which the company will consider the organization with international security standards. and will store personal data in an encrypted format. or other methods in which the identity of the owner of the personal data cannot be identified.
  7. Security and Confidentiality of Personal Information

    so that the owner of the personal information has confidence in the management of the company In order to prevent risks that may cause personal information to be illegally accessed, leaked, altered, lost, the company has therefore raised awareness of information security. It also complies with internationally recognized standards for information security and business continuity management. and in accordance with the law

    The company has measures to protect the privacy of personal data subjects. by limiting the personal data subject's access rights to personal data It will be assigned only to individuals who need to use such personal data in the presentation of the product. financial products and for the service of the Company such as employees, agents, financial advisors and the company's investment advisor which the person that the company allows to access that personal information Must strictly adhere to and comply with the Company's personal data protection measures. as well as maintaining the confidentiality of such personal data The Company has in place both physical and electronic safeguards in accordance with applicable regulatory standards to protect personal data.

    When the company enters into a contract or agreement with a third party The Company will determine the security measures of personal information. Proper Confidentiality To ensure that personal information held by the Company is secure.

  8. User's right to access personal information

    Your rights are legal rights that you should know. You can apply for various rights under the provisions of the law. and the policies set forth at the moment or that will be amended in the future as well as the rules set by the company

    • Right to withdraw consent
    • If you have given your consent to the company collecting, using and disclosing your personal information (whether the consent you have given before the date on which the Personal Data Protection Law comes into force or thereafter), you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time during the period your personal data is with the Company. unless there is a limitation on that right by law or there exists a contract that benefits you.

    • Right to request deletion or destruction of information.
    • You have the right to request deletion or destruction of your personal data. or make it non-identifiable information If you believe that your personal data has been unlawfully collected, used and disclosed in accordance with applicable law or see that the company eliminates the need for preservation for the purposes involved in this policy. or when you have exercised the right to withdraw your consent or exercise your right to object as stated above

    • Right to request correction of information
    • You have the right to request that your personal data be corrected, current, complete and not misleading.

    The exercise of your rights above can be done by notifying the Company. By filling in the request form and submitting it to the company via channels such as LINE ID : or EMAIL : However, your exercise of rights may be limited under applicable law. and there are some cases where there is a necessity that the company may refuse or be unable to act upon your request to exercise any of the above rights, such as being required to comply with law or a court order. for public benefit The exercise of rights may violate the rights or liberties of other people, etc. If the company refuses the above request, the company will also inform you of the reason for the refusal.

  9. Privacy Policy Questions

    If you have any suggestions or would like to inquire about the details of the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information including the request to exercise the rights under this policy You can contact the company and/or the Personal Data Protection Officer through the following channels

    • LINE ID :
    • EMAIL :
    • WEBSITE :
  10. Updates to the Privacy Policy

    The company reserves the right to update, change or amend this privacy policy in the future. under the regulations of the law And any changes will be announced through the Company's website at Possability Company Limited.

    This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 23, 2022.