Service Terms and Conditions

Below is our Service Terms and Conditions

The user agrees to use Mana Services by Possibility Co., Ltd. under the name of SCHOOL SOLUTIONS team ("Team") by agreeing to be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions of use of the service. ("Terms of Service") as follows:

  1. In using the Mana service The user must apply to become a LINE Messenger service user of LINE Corporation Limited (“LINE Messenger”) and add “Mana” (“”) as a friend in the LINE Messenger group that wishes to use the service. which can do various items such as storing student data announcements or communications Record and track homework items, etc., as the team is open for service. and subject to the terms, conditions, periods, channels and methods of each transaction, product and service set by the team The service user must use a polite message. and is clear enough to use the service of the team
  2. Using an ID and/or password and/or One Time Password (OTP) code and/or any other tool used by the User as a tool for logging in to LINE Messenger (“Personal ID”) to use the Service in accordance with the Terms of Use this service
    1. If the use of the service under these terms of service The team has determined that the service must be used through a personal code. The user must specify the identification code according to the conditions and procedures set by the team for using the service through that channel.
    2. The service user must keep the identification code in a safe place and is considered a secret for the user's identity only. Disclosure/Give Identity to Others It is a violation of these terms of service. If any damage from the user revealing or taking any action until making other people aware or get an identification code or ID is lost or stolen. The user shall be responsible for such damage incurred before the service user performs the sequestration. or suspend the use of that identification code
    3. Any action, including (but not limited to) signing up and using the Services Verification/Authentication Approval of various transactions Providing any information to the team, agreeing to accept/amend/change/addition About these terms of service Terms and Conditions/Services/Fee Rates of the use of various services Both of the team and / or of any person / juristic person whether it is the actions of the service users themselves or is the act of any other person If it has been done by using the identification code The service user agrees to be deemed correct and complete. and to be binding on the service user as if done by the service user himself It is also deemed that the service user has signed an electronic signature to the team as evidence for the transaction at that time. completely correct From the time the transaction is confirmed, the user agrees to accept and acknowledge the risks associated with using the service via electronic channels. Because users can make transactions without the need for documents. or any other evidence confirming further and/or give it to another team Unless the team determines
  3. The User agrees that the User shall be subject to any laws, regulations, orders and rules of the team, including the courts and any other competent authorities. (as the case may be) both existing and/or future (hereinafter If not specifically mentioned are collectively referred to as If there is a change in the relevant laws and regulations. The service user agrees that The service user must comply with the relevant laws and rules that have been changed immediately as the team will notify the user of the service. If the service user violates or does not comply with the relevant laws and regulations Until causing the team to be called for fines, damages and / or other expenses (if any), the user agrees to be responsible for compensation for such fines, damages and / or expenses to the team promptly
  4. The user agrees to allow the team to collect and use personal information. and/or any information of service users with the objectives necessary to provide services to users Processing of requests from users before providing services Assigning tasks to others to act on behalf of the team to support services such as information technology work communication work, etc., the assignment of rights and/or duties and/or handling complaints. In addition, the service user agrees to allow the team to disclose such information both domestically and internationally to external service provider representative of the team subcontractor business partner Interested persons will receive the transfer of rights/duties Assignee of rights/duties and/or Cloud Computing service providers and agree that recipients of information from such teams may continue to collect, use and/or disclose such information for such purposes. Other details and rights appear in the Data Protection Policy section. Person on the team's website In the event that the service user provides personal information of any other person, such as a child within the guardianship to the team to take any action related to the above objectives The user hereby certifies that he has obtained the consent of such other person. or has relied on other legal guidelines for providing personal information of such other persons to the team and have notified such other persons of the details of the collection, use and/or disclosure of personal data in accordance with the above personal data protection policy.
  5. Unless the team determines otherwise. In the event that the user finds any errors or in the event that there is a reason to suspend the operation under this Endeavor Service temporarily whether in whole or in part or in the case of termination of the suspension of such action Users can contact the SCHOOL SOLUTIONS team at LINE : or call 063-446-8691 during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM) or other channels that the team determines. together with the relevant information When the service user performs various actions according to the complete process set by the team The team will perform relevant actions such as checking/correcting errors. suspend operation Or cancel, suspend the operation to be completed within the time that the team has notified the service user. The team reserves the right to ignore any request that violates the relevant laws and regulations.
  6. If the service user is not in use/changed/cancelled/not possessed The LINE Messenger account (LINE Account) associated with the Mana service. The service user is obliged to notify the team to suspend the service immediately according to the team's process. The team is not obliged to check such information or be responsible for any damage that occurs before the team completes the suspension of the service. If the service user does not notify the team and there is any damage, no with the team or any person The user agrees to be responsible for all such damages in all respects.
  7. Fees/service charges/expenses/fines/taxes
    1. The User agrees to pay compensation for the use of the Service, whether called a fee, service fee or any other name, to the team within the time limit for payment of such remuneration.
    2. The user agrees to be responsible for all fees, taxes and any expenses. relating to the Service (if any) solely
    3. If the team is obliged to advance the cost of fees, taxes and/or expenses as mentioned in the preceding paragraph on behalf of the service user. The service user agrees to pay back to the team immediately.

  8. The user certifies that any documents, information, details that appear and/or that have been delivered to the team whether delivered in any form or channel and whether it is sent by the service user himself or through any person according to the identification code complete true and current And it is the information that the team can use to provide services and to update the information in the team's system to be current. The service user has the right and ability under the law to request any service. related to the use of Mana services
  9. If the service user wishes to inquire or request correction and/or details service users can contact Telephone number 063-446-8691
  10. Changes to the Terms of Service
    1. If it is a change in the conditions that cause the user to incur additional burdens or risks Such changes will be effective upon the user's consent.
    2. If other conditions are changed The service user agrees that the team has the right to change as the team deems appropriate. If it is a change that affects the user's use of the service (for example, the fee for the service), the team will notify the user of the change clearly at least 30 (thirty) days in advance or how long. other times as required by law
    3. If any law and/or statute requires the Team to take action on a specific change to the Terms, otherwise. The user agrees to allow the team to comply with such laws and/or rules.
  11. The team has the right to suspend. and/or cancel services Either in whole or in part or only for a specific user at any time The team will inform you in advance. except in the following cases The service user agrees that the team has the right to suspend and/or termination of service Either in whole or in part immediately as the team deems appropriate without having to inform the service user in advance and the team is not responsible for any damage resulting from such action
    1. Any information, description, representation or confirmation that the service users provide to the team are not true, inaccurate, or may cause material misunderstandings.
    2. It appears that the team believes that the information and/or details that the service user informs the team to take action or the user's use of the Endeavor Service may cause adverse consequences for you. or may affect the rights of the team or other persons or there is a risk that the service user may have an unlawful purpose or may be contrary to public order or good morals or use offensive messages or the team sees it as an act by or is likely to act by criminals or is an act of unusual nature or may cause the team to act illegally or may affect the image of the team
    3. The user has breached any of these terms of service. This includes non-payment of fees/service charges/expenses/fines/duties (if any) incurred.
    4. There is an event that occurs or may occur that causes the team to see that it will affect the operation of the business or the ability to pay debts of the service user. or the service user died or the service user is out of business registration has been revoked or being suspended from doing business or have liquidated
    5. Teams must comply with all policies, rules, regulations, regulations, orders, laws, orders and/or court requests. or of an agency having jurisdiction
    6. The User has no movement on the Mana Service. or no transaction or use any for a period of time that may be considered The user does not wish to continue using the Mana service.
  12. In the event that the user wishes to cancel the service under these terms of service The user must manually cancel the service via LINE Messenger and take other actions. Follow the steps specified in LINE Messenger.
  13. In the event of force majeure or any other event that prevents the team from providing services under these terms of service The service user agrees that the team will consider the service. or take action as it deems appropriate To provide services according to these terms of service
  14. These Terms of Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Thai law. and the Thai courts shall be the courts having jurisdiction to consider disputes arising under these Terms of Service.